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Outdoor Escape

Die moderne Schnitzeljagd mit Augmented-Reality-Technologie.

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A search for the greatest secret of all time – how to transmit the truth and bring humanity into enlightenment. Join the thrilling quest, decipher secret codes and find all the hints to save the people.

You are a member of a secret research team. Your duty is to find out what kind of virus caused the death of hundreds of patients in the abandoned hospital. Be cautious of touching things in the rooms.

In your search for great adventures, you have come across an ancient tale that contains a long-forgotten legend. To survive, you have to find the key that will grant you safe passage to the surface.

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Two to six players. 60 minutes time. Numerous puzzles, brain-teasers and surprises. Unique escape room adventure that is suitable for experienced players as well as those looking for something new.

Get ready for an incredibly fun, original and one of a kind adventure!

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