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General questions

Outdoor Escape Games & Rooms

The Outdoor Escape Game is mainly addressed to corporate clients, as well as private individuals with special needs. It can be carried out regardless of location, and the route can be freely co-designed. Likewise, on request, up to 5 riddle questions can be adapted to your company, for example (“Which department is proven to have the highest coffee consumption” etc.). Another focus of the OEG is teambuilding: it is a bit more competitive, as often several teams compete directly against each other. The event with award ceremony takes about 2.5 -3h hours.

The Outdoor Escape Room, on the other hand, is mainly targeted at private individuals who are more looking for the experience of an Escape Room (solving tricky puzzles) in the open air and often do not have the needs of a company. They usually do best with a standardized route in the beautiful Niederdorf in Zurich, or the old town of Geneva. We can handle a high volume of visitors at a very attractive price. The event lasts around 1.5 hours.


Outdoor Escape GAME: Ideal for corporate events, or private with special needs (e.g.: start at specific location, apero in the middle, finish at specific location) | many teams in competition | customizable content | 2.5 – 3h program

Outdoor Escape ROOM: Ideal for private | fixed route in Zurich and Geneva | 1-3 teams in competition | more integrated into the environment | around 1.5h program.

We offer the games throughout Switzerland. Let us know the location and we will be happy to make you an offer.

In an Escape Room you are in a closed room and have to find out by means of riddles. In our offer, you are already outdoors at the beginning and solve the riddles in your environment. So you are in the fresh air and have more movement!

With the exception of the eTukTuk variant in Zurich, the games are played on foot. The players cover about 2000 metres in 150 minutes. It is therefore rather a walk and not too sporty a hunt.

Special requests can also be made here. Then we make the route accordingly more comfortable or extra sporty.

The games take place outside as outdoor games of course. Each game set comes with rain ponchos, which can be pulled over your clothes. Clothing appropriate to the weather is of advantage in any case! There is also the possibility to move the event inside if the weather forecast predicts really bad weather. In this case you will need a large interior for you and your team (e.g. a restaurant or your office building). We can replan this relatively spontaneously.

„Operation Mindfall“ plays in a dystopian agent setting. The city is threatened by a global catastrophe – a renegade research organization has contaminated the groundwater of several cities with an inactive virus in a secret project. The virus is currently still dormant and now it’s up to you to stop the dark plans and save your city or village!

„Magic Portal“ is a little less nerve-racking and takes place in a lovely fantasy world full of trolls, gnomes and fantastic mythical creatures. However, gates have been opened to an evil parallel world, which now needs to be closed.

We are basically location-independent and the game can be played anywhere where GPS data can be received (outdoors). Internet access or mobile phone reception is not mandatory.

If you are playing in two groups at the most (about 4-12 people), there is the possibility to get the game sent to you with detailed instructions. If you play in 3 or more groups we will send you an operator who will supervise the game on site and give you an introduction.

We have worked out proven routes for many cities over time. Technically, there is nothing to prevent special requests when planning the route. For example, we are happy to start on the company premises, build in an aperitif stop at your favourite bar and finish at the restaurant, where dinner is then planned.

As we have a wealth of experience, we can also advise on individual routes to make your event a complete success.

Can we change the route or the language spontaneously? events need some preparation so that the experience can be adapted to the venue and the participants. If the language or route changes at short notice, we can make changes up until the evening before the event. The route or language cannot be changed at the event itself.

This is basically possible. Please contact us, we can give you some hints, so that the questions fit perfectly into the game.

Questions about insider knowledge or funny estimation questions are especially popular with companies e.g: “what department shines primarily by its high coffee consumption?”

Bachelor groups, on the other hand, like to test the knowledge about the bride and groom, for example: “What was the groom’s clothing style before he met someone with an propper idea?”

As far as payment is concerned, you only pay the players who actually participate.

However, if the number of players has changed considerably (more than 4 persons), please let us know in time, as the number of groups may have changed and we need more or less material.

We recommend a group size of 4-6 persons. This way everyone has something to do and a pleasant group dynamic is created.

Online escape Games & Booking

No – directly after booking you will receive an order confirmation from us and – a few moments later – another mail from the “Detective Agency” with your access link and access code. The game date is therefore only a placeholder.

After receiving the second mail from the “detective agency” (check spam folder if not received) you are ready to start. Just share this mail with all the people who are playing. You only need one way to communicate with each other (Skype, Whatsapp Call, Zoom, Conference Call etc.).

The ticket is a group ticket. It can be used for each booked person on a browser (even several times) until the case is solved once. A ticket “1-3 persons” therefore from 3 PCs a ticket “4-6 persons” from up to 6 PCs.

Would you like an individual offer?

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