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Online Escape Game - Diamantenfieber

The robbery of the century!

The robbery of the century! Diamonds worth 12 million euros were stolen from a safe belonging to the Foxhole company. A coup that could only be committed by an insider. Or?

Are you ready to solve the case?

Slip into the role of investigators and embark on a true-to-life search for clues at Foxhole. Immerse yourself in an immersive criminal case and use documents, websites and deductive reasoning to find the criminal before his tracks are covered.

Booking info

Directly after booking you will receive a booking confirmation and an email with your access code. You can use this code on up to 6 devices (6 players). It expires when you have finally solved the case! Please also check your spam folder for these emails.

Just click on “BOOK” – the date is only a placeholder (if you want to play today and this date is not free, just choose tomorrow as date and send us a message).

Level of difficulty 95%
Fun 100%
fear factor 64%
Mental occupation 90%

You want an individual offer?

Contact us!


Book directly and play afterwards. Perfectly suitable also in interaction with friends in other places! Pure Online Escape Game.


The game lasts between 90 – 120 minutes, although the time will fly by!

Easy to set up

You don’t need to make any special preparations: sit down at your internet browser*, put a cell phone and notepaper next to you and you’re ready to go.


This game is available in English and German.

Perfectly suited for

Game and Escape Game fans (also remote!!!), families with children from 14 years, motivated puzzlers and inventors.

Community experience

The perfect community experience in the time of isolation. Use Skype, Hangouts, Whatsapp call etc. and solve the case together.